• Steven Tate AKA Thadeus

    Steven Tate AKA Thadeus

    FT Tech Advisor + Marketer + Entrepreneur + Artist Ads Mgt. PT award winning screenwriter you’ve never heard of. Top 100 @Cinequest script & @FinalDraft Winner

  • Mindy Brizuela

    Mindy Brizuela

  • June Jay

    June Jay

    B2B #freelancewriter for hire. Niches: #personaldevelopment, #digitalmarketing & #fintech. Blogs at http://bit.ly/2ctYccN | Linkedin: http://bit.ly/2cX3DHo

  • Marcus Allgood

    Marcus Allgood

    Marcus Allgood: An Author, a modern religious thinker, poet, writer, activist, public speaker, and devoted family man. And speaks out for his people.

  • Kara Monterey

    Kara Monterey

    I love coffee, creating stuff, bike rides, rose gardens, and reading. Founder of the new serialized literature website http://Channillo.com.

  • Jane Pinckard

    Jane Pinckard

    i like books, food, wine, videogames, and making things.

  • Cassie Marie Kolias

    Cassie Marie Kolias

    YA writer. book hoarder. gryffindor. coffee addict. cat lady.

  • Megank Martini

    Megank Martini

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