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A diverse array of authors share their advice for those just entering the publishing industry


Financial acuity is an essential skill if you plan to make a living, even a partial living, as an author. One author advises further education:


How many times have we seen social media kerfuffles? They happen in all industries, and they rarely end well. Here’s a few bits of advice to remember:


It’s not all kumbaya in publishing. Here’s what the authors have to say on it:


To wrap up this column, let’s look at advice about interpersonal relationships in publishing, with fellow authors and readers.


If you have readers, congratulations — it’s a great achievement! But with readership comes responsibility. From an author who has successfully traversed these tricky waters:

Writer. Musichead. Book Junkie. Sock Aficionada. #1 NYT Bestseller. My books have long titles. A SKY BEYOND THE STORM out 12/1/2020.

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